tokyo camera style

Nov 16 2011

Yesterday I linked this must-see Garry Winogrand video on youtube shot by a German film crew in the early 1980s.  It’s obviously great to get to see footage of the man at work but his words are just as fascinating.  In regards to the act of photographing Winogrand says (5:07): 

"The way I would put it is I get totally out of myself. I mean, it’s the closest I come to not existing. (laughs) Which to me is attractive.”

And then that sigh at the end.  The ending of that video just kills me every time. 

I was reminded of his zen-like sentiment when I came across this quote by Rinko Kawauchi a few months ago:

"Sometimes I am thinking as I shoot, but the best photos are brought about when I am not thinking about anything—when my mind is empty of thought. When I am intently concentrated, I feel nothing of myself."

I can’t really add anything else as they both said it better than possibly anyone ever could. 

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