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Nov 24 2012

Great news for photobook enthusiasts outside of Japan-  Issei Suda's sublime reissue of Fūshikaden (風姿花伝) is now in stock in the Japan Exposures bookshop.

Japan Exposures describes this book as a  

"Gorgeous 2012 reworking of Issei Suda’s 1979 Fushikaden, long out of print and commanding high prices for what is essentially a poorly-printed book in often fair-to-middling condition. This edition, limited to 500 copies — each of which is signed by Suda and numbered — has been released on the occasion of the two-part Fall 2012 exhibition of the work in Tokyo.”

Japan Exposures also carries Suda’s Minyou Sanga, another fantastic series exploring Japan’s interaction with its folk past with the present (in this case the late 1970’s).

On my own shelves Japanese photobooks outnumber those by non-Japanese photographers roughly eight to one- this is THE Japanese photobook of the year.  I am curious (and excited) to read what Microcord has to say about Fūshi kaden. ( I recommend his list of 10 Japanese Photobooks for ICP as well as his thoughts on the choices of other writers.)

For those of you in Tokyo, Fūshikaden can be seen in a two part exhibition at BLD Gallery in Ginza until December 28th, 2012. 

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