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Apr 28 2013

Tomona Hayashi, the most recent member of the artist-run Third District Gallery in Shinjuku is holding an exhibition entitled 「消える前に」Before it Vanishes until May 5th.  

At my show last month she stopped by with a stack of 5x7’s and her Konica Hexar, and it was interesting to see how she put this show together from the images we looked at a few weeks ago.   Tomona approaches and engages in life with her camera. I feel like I say a variation of that sentence every time I talk about an exhibition on this site but it’s true, and honest.  And interesting, which is the point of everything, I think.  Tomona is an interesting person and good friend.  Her pictures are hers, and that’s all they or anyone elses’ need to be.   Some photographers like to moan “oh well everything’s already been photographed”- but you know what, it hasn’t. No one has ever photographed something that hasn’t happened yet.   I’ll personally be photographing tomorrow,  and next week, and long into the foreseeable future. Stuff is going to happen because that is how life works.

On the LBM Tumblr (which you really ought to follow) Alec Soth posted a question he recently asked William Eggleston:


Alec Soth: A few years ago Robert Frank said, “There are too many images, too many cameras now. We’re all being watched. It gets sillier and sillier. As if all action is meaningful. Nothing is really all that special. It’s just life. If all moments are recorded, then nothing is beautiful and maybe photography isn’t an art any more. Maybe it never was.” What do you think about this?

William Eggleston: I don’t disagree with any part of that statement.


Neither do I - and since our lives and the world around us is still continuing and because we all have all these cameras then why not keep on looking and living?  I am convinced that this whole deal really is less about Art and more about Living. Or at least the Art is best when it follows life.

Pictures are the byproducts, the proof.  

The fact that they look pretty sharp matted and framed is indeed a happy fact.

The fact that Tomona’s are so good is even better.


What: 「消える前に」Before it Vanishes

Who: Tomona Hayashi

Where: Third District Gallery, Shinjuku

When: April 23 - May 5, open 1pm-8pm

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