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Nov 05 2013

Seen: the Josef Koudelka Retrospective at the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

This massive retrospective of Koudelka’s work is one of the best things to happen photographically in Tokyo this year.  

All the work you’ve seen in books and online (and some you maybe haven’t) is gloriously printed and to see it large and in person is an experience not to miss if you are in Japan between now and early January, 2014. Koudelka himself was in town to arrange the work for the show and the MOMAT staff really went all out to create an elegant space in which to exhibit his photographs. The catalog too is smartly done and makes for a satisfying collection of his work.

It was a sincere honor to meet Mr. Koudelka at his opening reception this evening.  Our conversation was brief but the encounter was something I won’t soon forget. The party was well attended with a variety of curators, editors, gallery owners, and Czech embassy representatives.  Naturally there were many photographers as well- but getting to shake hands with Antoine D’agata was admittedly unexpected.   What an evening. 

What: Josef Koudelka Retrospective

Where: the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

When: Nov.6  2013 - Jan. 13 2014

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